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Terms and Conditions

Pirated software, `hacker` software, "battlefield" archives game rooms or MUDs, IRC Bots, egg Drop programs, illegal or public software software/image collections.
Sites offering online gambling, casino betting, betting on betting (including foreign), and online lotteries. Contents and activities that infringe or misuse the Intellectual Property rights of third parties. Violation of Defamatory speech, obscenity and obscene laws. The above is restricted on our network/servers.

The above usage is not permitted on our network/servers and will result in suspension/termination of your services.
Such suspension/termination may be with prior notice depending on the seriousness of the violation and the need to cease such activity immediately for reasons known to us whether with your consent or knowledge. Upon Suspension/termination for these reasons, the suspension/termination shall not oblige us to pay you any outstanding balance for the service subscribed to by you.

Unauthorized Access to Network
Illegal or unauthorized access to computers or networks (often called `hacking`) can result in civil and criminal penalties. We strongly discourage illegal access to other websites using any of our websites. Each website owner is responsible for keeping their website secure and ensuring that their website is not used for illegal purposes.

Spamming, Pushing and Hacking
Unsolicited, largely commercial e-mail (known as 'spamming') is strongly condemned on our network. This is extremely dangerous as TechInHost harms customer attitude towards us. and because it may overload our system and interfere with our customer service.
We will terminate the services of any of our customers who are directly or indirectly involved in spamming or hacking practices without notice.

Usage (Shared Hosting):
TechInHost provides its customers with enough web space and Unlimited data transfer in each of our monthly packages so that customers can build their websites without fear of their web webspace or web traffic being allocated.
While most users will use the additional website space and traffic for their own legitimate website needs, we recognize that others may take advantage of our offer and use this space and traffic in these ways Those who don't want to do it can do it. Assume that one user's website generates enough bandwidth usage to affect the performance of the users' websites on the server. In such case, TechInHost reserves the right to suspend/terminate the domain name of the customer without refund to the customer. All rights reserved by us.

Shared Hosting Accounts Vs. Server Resources
Each of our customers is important to us. However, you should understand that the server is maintained to meet the typical needs of the average customer. But at the same time, keep the server as clean as possible from too many running programs, that may cause unnecessary load/problems on the server for other clients of the shared hosting server.
TechInHost reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account found to be causing excessive damage to the server. TechInHost reserves the right to suspend/terminate the customer`s domain name without a refund.

Customer Support
The customer acknowledges that TechInHost cannot provide technical support for the customer's self-installed software and script except for renaming. Customer acknowledges that Microsoft does not provide technical support without prior configuration of FrontPage-specific links.
The customer also acknowledges that TechInHost does not provide technical support for any Third-Party scripts, including Fantastico, Soft and similar/other related Third-Party Scripts. However, we do our best to address web hosting-related issues where possible and the location of the environment around a given server (shared hosting or dedicated server / VPS etc.) compromises the security of the client and server without having to allow this support. The TechInHost will be the sole decider of the `web hosting` issue.

TechInHost provides services (domain name registration, web hosting, servers etc.) in good faith to our users so that they can create their websites/apps. TechInHost is not responsible for any data loss, service interruption or any other damage caused to users. The user is responsible for backing up the data and is not responsible for any financial or other loss.
The customer undertakes that - by participating in TechInHost - TechInHost is not legally responsible for customer data or its maintenance or other technical problems related to web hosting at any time.
Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, hold TechInHost from all liabilities, losses, expenses and claims, including that of the company, its agents, customers, officers and employees, agree to have the products sold or executed or performed by or through its agents, employees.

TechInHost reserves the right to change the prices of its services without prior notice. Other activities, whether legal or illegal, that we determine are harmful to or customers, our services or our reputation, including activities that interfere with users' user and enjoyment of our service or the Internet. To obstruct or stop. Any violations of this agreement will result in disqualification by suspension, or account deletion.
As a general practice, we will not monitor our users' communications to ensure that they comply with our policies or applicable law. When we become aware of an abusive relationship, there are different steps we can take. We may remove information that violates our policies, use filtering software designed to prevent inappropriate transmissions or take other action we deem appropriate, including with us. Termination of the Customer Agreement.
Lastly, we would like to emphasize that by using TechInHost's Services users must indemnify us for any violation of the Services agreement or law or company policies that result in damages or lawsuits. Under this Agreement or Policy (part of the Service Agreement Customer) shall pay us or all damages incurred, as well as reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. We hope that this policy Statement helps to clarify our responsibilities, including of our users, as Internet users, and responsible members of the Internet.