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Messaging and team collaboration

Real-time or anytime – Chat helps Workspace users connect and collaborate to get things done.

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Created to assist you in controlling the flow of both private and professional communications.

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Workspace comes with free chat as well as useful integrations with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Groups, and other services.

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How do I start using Chat?

Google Chat is included in your Workspace subscription for business use and is available for free for individual use at

How does Chat keep my information secure?

The same anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-malware technology that safeguards over 2 billion Gmail inboxes also protects Google Chat.

Can I use Chat for instant messaging?

Yes. Anybody with a Google account or Gmail address can receive direct messages from you via Google Chat. You can message someone individually or create group chats with several people.

Is Chat good for business communications?

Yes, more than 9 million businesses use Google Workspace tools, which have a close integration with Chat. Chat is best used for instant messaging, teamwork, and business chat. Google Chat is accessible via a browser, a mobile device, and as a stand-alone application. It is a component of the contemporary Gmail experience.

What are spaces?

Google Chat has a feature called Spaces that lets you collaborate as a team and have continuous communication while sharing files, assigning tasks, and reviewing past messages. Any type of group looking to collaborate on a project or have conversations about something in common can find the ideal space.

Why purchase Google Chat through TechInHost as Google partners?

Choosing TechInHost as Google Workspace partner in Asia guarantees a complete solution customized to your company's requirements. We provide professional advice, smooth integration, and individualized support as accredited Google partners to help you get the most out of Google Chat and other Workspace tools. TechInHost can help your business by streamlining communication, promoting collaboration, and increasing productivity with our specialized expertise, trusted support, and competitive pricing.