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You can now spend less time planning and more time doing it with a shared calendar that works across Google Workspace.

Shareable Calendar
Manage your life with Calendar

Your plans, at your fingertips

You may manage your personal life, work life, and everything in between by combining all of your calendars into one location with Google Calendar.

A smarter way to schedule

Organize meetings more quickly by combining several calendars into a single view. An additional excellent feature to keep everyone informed is a shared calendar.
It is simple for groups and teams to reserve spaces and schedule meetings.

Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar
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Can I migrate and sync all my calendars?

Yes. Numerous calendar types, including Microsoft® and IBM® calendars, have calendar migration options.

Is the information I have on my Google Calendar safe?

Our primary concern with Google Calendar is protecting your personal data. Your calendar entries are kept in our top-notch data centers to make it easier for you to create and view them. Built-in security in your Google Account is intended to identify and prevent threats such as malware, phishing, and spam and you can also change your Google Account's privacy settings.

Does Google Calendar offer appointment scheduling?

Yes, One booking page that enables others to schedule time with you can be created by anyone with a personal Google account. Subscriptions to Workspace provide access to premium features such as creating an infinite number of booking pages, accepting payments via Stripe, confirming emails sent by bookers, sending email reminders, and checking availability on multiple calendars.

Can I create a Google Calendar for a group?

Yes. You have the ability to make a calendar that is available to all users in your organization, or just some of them. For occasions like team holidays and frequent meetings, for instance, you may want to create a group calendar.

How do I add a location or meeting room to a Google Calendar invite?

You can add meeting spaces and other resources (like projectors) to your event if you have a Google Account through your place of employment, school, or other organization. Clicking "location" when creating an event allows you to add a location to it.

Why should we choose Google Calendar through TechInHost?

Opting for Google Calendar through TechInHost, as Google workspace partners in Pakistan, ensures a seamless experience tailored to your business needs. With expert guidance, seamless integration, and customized solutions, we empower your organization to streamline scheduling, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity.
Benefit from reliable support, robust security measures, and scalable solutions designed to grow with your business. Trust in TechInHost to deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions that leverage the full potential of Google Calendar within the Google Workspace ecosystem, setting your business up for success in Pakistan and beyond.