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What is DNS lookup?

DNS lookup, or Domain Name System lookup, is the process of translating domain names into IP addresses. When you enter a domain name into your web browser, DNS lookup queries a DNS server to find the corresponding IP address, allowing your device to connect to the website's server.

What are DNS records?

DNS records are entries in a DNS database that contain information about a domain. They include various types such as A records (mapping domain names to IP addresses), MX records (specifying mail servers), TXT records (for additional text information), CNAME records (aliases for domain names), and NS records (identifying authoritative name servers).

What is an A record in DNS?

An A record (Address record) in DNS is used to map a domain name to its corresponding IPv4 address. It enables users to access websites and other resources using easy-to-remember domain names, rather than complex IP addresses.

What is an MX record in DNS?

An MX record (Mail Exchange record) in DNS specifies the mail server responsible for receiving email messages on behalf of a domain. It directs email traffic to the appropriate mail server based on the recipient's domain name.

What is a CNAME record in DNS?

A CNAME record (Canonical Name record) in DNS is an alias for a domain name. It allows multiple domain names to resolve to the same IP address, simplifying website management and providing flexibility in domain configuration. CNAME records are often used for subdomains or redirecting traffic to a primary domain.

What is a TXT record in DNS?

A TXT record (Text record) in DNS contains text information associated with a domain. It is commonly used to provide additional details about a domain, such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records for email authentication, or verification tokens for domain ownership.


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