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Why You Need Web Hosting When Creating A Shopify Store

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A key component that is sometimes ignored in the careful planning required to launch a successful Shopify store is web hosting selection. In addition to guaranteeing excellent performance for your Shopify store, TechInHost is a reliable web host that provides a number of features, one of which is the ability to create custom email addresses, an important component that is sometimes ignored in e-commerce.

An Organized Strategy for Hosting:

TechInHost offers a single, intelligent hosting solution, in comparison to other providers that might restrict your control over different key aspects of your online business. You can easily manage your website and custom email addresses from a single control panel by selecting TechInHost for your web hosting needs.

Professionalism Through Custom Email Addresses:

Building professionalism and trust is important to the achievement of e-commerce. You can make personalized email addresses that match your brand identity with TechInHost like, or any other unique email address. This shows that you are dedicated to maintaining a professional online presence and improves the brand image among consumers.

Secure Backup for Peace of Mind:

We at TechInHost realize the value of data security that's why we offer a reliable backup solution. Our hosting services come with a 21-day backup feature that makes sure the emails and correspondence about your orders that your customers send are kept safe. This longer backup period provides comfort by allowing you to recover important data in the event of unintended deletion or other unexpected problems.

Advanced Spam Protection with SpamExperts:

TechInHost safeguards your custom email addresses by integrating SpamExperts, a top spam filtering solution. Our intelligent spam protection makes sure that unsolicited and potentially unsafe emails never enter your inbox.

Effortless Email Management:

The hosting solutions from TechInHost provide email management interfaces that are easy to use. You can quickly and easily create, edit, and remove email accounts from your hosting control panel. This simplified procedure ensures that managing your website and email addresses is a smooth and effective experience.

Integration with Third-Party Email Services:

Although Shopify offers email forwarding, using TechInHost for your web hosting gives you access to more options. Custom email addresses can be integrated with third-party email services to enable advanced features like storage options, strong spam filters, and collaborative inboxes. These features all help to create a more reliable and sturdy email communication system.

Security and Privacy:

Your data's security and privacy are TechInHost's top priorities. You can take advantage of strong security features like secure access controls and encryption protocols by hosting your email addresses with us.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Do you need help setting up your email or are you having technical problems? The committed customer service team at TechInHost is available 24/7 to offer knowledgeable advice and address any hosting-related issues. Our support staff is available to help you at every stage, whether it's setting up email accounts, resolving problems, or improving email performance.


TechInHost is a one-stop shop for creating and growing a profitable Shopify stores, offering more than just web hosting provider. We enable companies to establish a reliable and expert online presence by providing flexible custom email addresses and assuring best possible website performance. Upgrade your e-commerce experience by working with TechInHost, a hosting partner dedicated to giving you the resources and support you need to succeed.