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Shared Hosting Pricing

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Selecting the ideal web hosting plan is important for building an online presence. Shared hosting offers many people and small businesses an economical and practical solution. Because we at TechInHost recognize how important it is to find a balance between performance and cost, we provide a selection of shared hosting plans to meet a range of needs. Let's explore TechInHost's shared hosting pricing structure and what each plan includes.

Overview of TechInHost Shared Hosting Plans

TechInHost offers four primary shared hosting plans:
1. Starter Plan: Rs 5000/yr
2. Silver Plan: Rs 6200/yr
3. Pro Plan: Rs 7500/yr
4. Unlimited Plan: Rs 9500/yr

These plans are made to accommodate different stages of the websites development, ranging from small personal blogs to larger corporate websites with large amount of traffic. Here are some of the key features that are responsible for Shared Hosting Pricing:

1. High Performance and More Storage

Storage: The amount of storage increases as you go from the Starter Plan to the Unlimited Plan. More files, photos, and videos can be stored as a result, which is essential for websites with lots of content.
Performance: Better performance features, like faster processing times and more resources, are commonly included in higher-tier plans. This guarantees that your website will continue to function even during periods of high traffic.

2. Bandwidth and Databases

Bandwidth: Higher-tier plans include unlimited bandwidth, while lower-tier plans offer limited bandwidth. To guarantee that all users can access the website without any disruptions, this is important for websites that expect high traffic.
Database: Higher plans have more SQL databases, which are needed to support more complex websites and applications on the backend.

3. Email Accounts and Domains

Email Accounts: You can create an increasing number of email accounts with each price plan step up. Businesses that need different email addresses for different departments or team members will benefit from this.
Addon Domain: More addon domains are supported by higher-tier plans, that enables you to host several websites with a single account.

4. Security and Backups

SSL Certificates: Free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate is included with all plans, guaranteeing secure data transfer and increasing visitor trust.
Daily Backup: Having regular backups is important for protecting data. All plans offered by TechInHost include daily backups. However, longer backup retention periods are available with higher-tier plans.

5. Customer Support

24/7 Support: TechInHost provides 24/7 customer support, regardless of the plan you select. Priority support is a feature of higher-tier plans that guarantees quicker issue resolution and response times.

Additional Benefits Across All Plans

LiteSpeed/LSCache: It is Included in all plans for faster speed and performance.
SpamExperts Protection: It keeps your email inbox away from spam and phishing attacks.
MailChannels IP Protection: It makes sure of reliable email delivery, avoiding blacklists.

Why Shared Hosting at TechInHost?

1. Cost-Effective Solutions: The shared hosting packages offered by TechInHost are reasonably priced and offer great value without any hidden costs. Stability in renewal prices guarantees long-term affordability and transparency.
2. Reliability and Uptime: TechInHost guarantees a 99.99% server uptime to make sure that your website is always available to visitors.
3. Easy Upgrades: With no downtime or problems, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan as your website grows to fit your new needs.
4. Comprehensive Features: TechInHost's shared hosting plans, which variety of plans from basic to advanced needs, are features rich plans that support a range of website types, including e-commerce platforms, business websites, and blogs.


It's important to consider your future growth when selecting a shared hosting plan at TechInHost. You can choose a shared hosting plan that supports your website needs now and in the future by being aware of the costs involved and the features offered by each plan. For detailed information and to choose the best plan for your needs, visit TechInHost Shared Hosting .
With efficient customer support and a lot of features to improve the performance of your website, TechInHost's shared hosting offers a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution for all your web hosting needs.