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Celebrating One Year of TechInHost

First Anniversary

Hello Friends! It's been a year today since we launched TechInHost. Please allow me to share our story with you in the most clear manner possible.

Starting with a Goal:

So, I've been around the web hosting block both locally and globally. I noticed a little something missing, and bam! TechInHost was born. What is our mission? Keep it simple, provide excellent service with a friendly touch.

Making Service Count:

No one likes poor customer service, we also made it our mission to be there for you whenever you needed us. There is no complex and difficult tech talk, just good old-fashioned support to make your life easier.

Local Know-How:

Being local is exciting, but being local and awesome is even better. We noticed what our local Pakistani hosting friends were missing few features a web hosting can offer so we decided to fill the gaps. Need 21 days of backup? Sure thing. SpamExpert for Emails? You've got it. SSL, local 24/7 support, and more, all for a reasonable price.

Breaking the Mold, No Sweat:

TechInHost mission from the start was to get rid of the boring stuff. Backup system? Ah yes. Secure SSL? Yes. Reliable local support? Always. There's no need to negotiate for basic items, we've got it covered.

Team work, Dream work:

I'm not the only one to take credit, TechInHost has a fantastic team of 7 members. We value teamwork, positive vibes, and making you feel like a part of the family.

What's Next? Easy, More Awesomeness:

As we celebrate this one-year anniversary, we're only getting started. More fun, more innovation, and more ways to make your online life less stressful.

Closing Cheers:

A big thank you to all of you, our clients, partners, and friends. Thank you for being part of the TechInHost team. Here's to one year down and a couple of million more to go! We're here to keep things simple, awesome, and exactly how you like it. Cheers to both you and TechInHost!