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cPanel's Latest Update: Site Quality Monitoring

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We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued customers! cPanel has just released its latest versions update v116 (and v110), bringing in a powerful and valuable feature Site Quality Monitoring. Here at TechInHost, we've promptly updated cPanel to version v110 and then to v116, ensuring our customers can take immediate advantage of this cutting-edge functionality.

Enhancing Website Quality with cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring

Your website's performance, availability, SEO, content, technical aspects, and security are crucial factors that contribute to user experience and overall success. With the introduction of Site Quality Monitoring in cPanel v116 (and v110), we're empowering our customers to proactively manage and enhance the quality of their websites.

In this blog post, we'll explore the various tabs and settings offered by Site Quality Monitoring to help you make the most of this new feature.


The Availability tab in Site Quality Monitoring focuses on ensuring your website is reliably accessible to users. It includes Uptime checks and provides scores for both current and past availability, giving you insights into your website's accessibility over time.


Efficient website performance is key to retaining visitors. The Performance tab offers detailed insights into different performance aspects:

Browser Load Time: Monitors how long it takes for a user's browser to load your website's content. Customizable settings allow you to adjust the error sensitivity and set thresholds for reporting issues.

Server Load Time: Ensures that your server delivers content within the specified time frame. You can customize error sensitivity levels to control when errors are reported.

Page Size: Monitors the size of files making up a URL’s content. Oversize files can cause delays, and customizable settings help you manage error thresholds effectively.

Lighthouse Performance Rating: Utilizing the Lighthouse open-source Chrome development tool, this tab provides performance ratings for your website. You can set minimum Lighthouse scores and adjust error sensitivity to meet your performance standards.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for your website's visibility. The SEO tab covers:

SEO Summary: Scores summarizing your website’s SEO rank, Google SEO rating, accuracy of the sitemap, and mobile friendliness.

Lighthouse SEO Rating: Provides Lighthouse SEO ratings for your website, allowing you to set error sensitivity levels based on your SEO standards.

Sitemap and Mobile Optimization: Checks your website’s sitemap configuration and mobile optimization. Customizable settings let you control error sensitivity for sitemap checks and mobile optimization.


The Content tab focuses on delivering a seamless user experience:

Content Summary: Scores summarizing your website’s overall content delivery, dead links, and broken resources.

Dead Links and Broken Elements: Lists URLs with dead links and broken elements, allowing you to customize error sensitivity for each category.


The Technical tab delves into JavaScript usability:

Technical Summary: Scores summarizing results of checks on your internal and external JavaScript files.

JavaScript Errors: Detailed results for internal and external JavaScript errors. Customizable error sensitivity settings ensure effective monitoring.


Ensuring a secure website is paramount. The Security tab covers:

Security Summary: Scores summarizing overall security, certificate checks, cookie analysis, and insecure elements.

SSL/TLS Certificates: Monitors the validity and expiration of SSL/TLS certificates.

Insecure Elements: Identifies insecure elements that could pose a security risk.

Cookie Analysis: Analyzes the number of cookies attached to URLs, with customizable settings to manage error sensitivity.

In conclusion, cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring is a comprehensive tool that empowers website owners to proactively manage and enhance the quality of their websites. By leveraging the insights and customization options provided by this feature, you can ensure optimal performance, reliability, SEO, content delivery, technical efficiency, and security for your website.

Enhance your website's quality today with our cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring!